Social Media Services

Social Media platforms like Facebook. Twitter and Instagram provide you with a wide reach for your target audience.
We offer you a special social media service that will increase your nonprofit’s reach across different social media platforms.
The services we offer you in this regard include:

High Impact Acceleration for Non-profits

Your non-profit organization needs to gain organic traction on social media.
We help you with that via the High Impact Acceleration for Nonprofit – a special package that is ideal for non-profits that want to build their influence via Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
This package would run for one (1) month and is subject to renewal.
The services we offer here are:

Social Media Strategy

Social Media is mainly meant to be a place of interaction. For you to effectively use the available platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to push the cause for your non-profit, you will need to be strategic.
We will create different specific ways to win your way into the heart of your target audience.

Social Media Campaign

How do you campaign and publicize your non-profit, and what it stands for? Learn everything about that in our Social Media Campaign service.
We can also help you run a profitable social media campaign and awareness programs to boost the popularity of your non-profit based on your specific goals.

Page Management

Another way to build the influence of your nonprofit on Facebook and Instagram is to be mindful of the content you put out there via your page.
Our Page Management service is designed to help you to be on the right track at all times.


Your nonprofit needs to do things differently to stand out from the crowd. We will help you with effective tips to brand and package your nonprofit organization for more partnerships.


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